Part no.: NJ-MNR-1842
Amount unit: db
249 EUR

Material: Cordura Nylon
Other features:

• CE elbow and shoulder protectors
• reflective inserts (chest, arm, shoulder and back)
• spine protector
• removable watertight membrane (breathable)
• the thermoblock can be removed
• 7 outer pockets
• 2 inner pockets (zip fastener)
• Ivory Holder Pocket (CAMEL PACK)
• AirFlow ventilators (2 shoulders, 2 chests, 2 arms, 2 on the back)
• The chest vent can be secured with magnet
• Headphone cable at the neck
Adjustable waistband (Velcro fastener)
• adjustable carbide (patent)
• adjustable neck size (with patent)
• for connecting waist zip fastener trousers
• reinforced double-shoulder shoulders, forearms and elbows

YEAR 2018